Lawrence Park Asset Management

Lawrence Park Asset Management (“LPAM” or “Lawrence Park”) is an independent investment management firm based in Toronto, Canada. LPAM is dedicated to creating world class alternative investment products specializing in Fixed Income and Credit.

The team at Lawrence Park brings over 70 years of combined international and domestic experience in the global credit markets. Our disciplined approach, market insight, and dedication to sound risk management gives our funds the best possible opportunity to deliver consistent institutional class returns.

Lawrence Park Asset Management proudly manages investor assets across three separate Alternative Credit hedge-fund and mutual fund mandates.

Government Bond Yields

Fixed Income Investing in a Zero Interest Rate World

Canadian investors are turning their backs on traditional fixed income investments as a core component of their portfolios — should advisors be concerned?

Let’s face it, with the Canadian 5-year government bond yielding just 0.8% or less than your annual management fee, the excitement generated from both advisor and client is negligible. And with Canadian core inflation currently averaging above 2%, investing in bonds virtually guarantees an erosion of your client’s capital.

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Canadian asset manager with British roots makes the case against Brexit

“Torres, whose firm manages about $500 million of client assets, is interested because of his connections: he was born there before coming to Canada in the early 1970s; he returned there about 20 years later to continue his work with TD Securities before settling in Canada in 2009; and because the on-going developments affect markets all of which make his day job and his ability to get ahead of developments in credit markets, all the more difficult.

More importantly he will have a say in the outcome. Torres, who founded Lawrence Park in 2011, will be voting on June 23. And the camp that favours Britain remaining in the EU will be getting his support.”

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Fear over oil the catalyst to current stock market route

Global stocks end day marked by red, as investors search for stability in equities

“In the last six to seven trading days, the tone has changed somewhat,” said Andrew Torres, chief executive officer at Lawrence Park Asset Management, which specializes in fixed income and credit assets. “We’ve just been impacted by the general risk-off tone.”
But credit spreads widening are not uncommon during market sell-offs and current moves don’t necessarily signal an impending crisis, he said.
“It feels to me as if it’s being dragged by what’s going on in the equity world, more than really leading the charge,” Torres said. “We still feel reasonably encouraged by the prognosis for the year. Of course, you don’t want to see this downdraft happen on a continuous basis, but this is manageable.”

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